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Not surprisingly, the top BC threat was deemed by 25% of participants to be 'Loss of Site' followed closely behind by 'Utility Outage' at 22%.
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We found that 34% of organisations hadn't tested their BC plans at all. Of those who had tested their plans, 55% did it on an annual basis. 31% of participants don't yet have a BC plan (contact us if you need our Free Key BC resources to get you going!)
Graphical Survey Results
'Budgetary constraints' proved to be the key limiting factor in BC planning at 25%.
Graphical Survey Results
The trend for BC planning is growing at an exponetial rate with almost half (44%) of all companies drafting their first plan in the last five years.
Graphical Survey Results
62% of our survey participants had 'heard of BS25999 but haven't yet looked into it, whilst at the other end of the scale, only 3% said they were fully compliant.
Graphical Survey Results
Surprisingly, 75% of companies represented had not yet been directly effected by the so-called 'Subprime Mortgage Crisis'. 9% stated that their profits would be effected.
Graphical Survey Results
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